Because of great interest from other countries, we now invite all the European chocolatiers to compete. Here are the most important rules about the competition in English:

  • For the competition you need to send 20 similar chocolate bonbons, with at least 2 different fillings in each bonbon.
  • You will send the bonbons to the address, you will get when you have paid the competition fee and received the competition number. The bonbons from other countries should sent on Wednesday (05/10) or Thursday (06/10), also earlier than Swedish bonbons.
  • To register to the competition: send an email to  (open for registration 1/08 to 9/10 2022
  • In your registration email you will write: your name, company name (if you have one), address/country, email, mobile number and insta username.
  • The fee for registration is 300 SEK.  After you have sent the registration email, you will get the invoice (Fortnox) and as soon as you have payed the competition fee, you will get the competition number.
  • The competition is individual, you can only register one person.
  • All the competing bonbons are anonymous, they only have the competition number and absolutely no names. You need to add a list with your competition number, name of your bonbon and all the ingrediens. You are allowed to write which chocolate you use – white, caramel, milk, dark etc but not the brand.
  • Pack the bonbons well and use the tracking possibility. Write your competing number on the box with big numbers (the jury will not see the box, only the bonbons and the list with number, ingrediens and bonbon name. Don’t worry, even some Swedish competitors use English and not Swedish.
  • You are not allowed to contact the jury. All the jury members will be presented during the late summer/autumn.
  • You are not allowed to ask your family-friends to vote for your bonbon on the online competition Snyggaste Pralin/ Prettiest Bonbon. You are not allowed to reveal your competition number to anybody (not on social media either, no pics on your competing bonbon either)
  • All the competitors will get the feedback by email. Non Swedish competitors will receive the feedback in Swedish first (so you can use google translate) and then it will be translated it into English and sent later (it can take time).
  • The competition takes place on Saturday 15th of October at Kiviks Musteri in Österlen, Sweden. You can visit the competition and see all the competing bonbons, shop chocolate and mingle with other chocolatiers.
  • First different jury groups will taste the bonbons and then the bonbons with most points from every group go to the final. Final 10 bonbons will reset to zero and all the jury members will taste them again and give the points again. The bonbon with highest points will win.
  • The winner will get an article and her/his recipe published in Swedish chocolate magazine Journal Chocolat`s springnumber 2023. The winner also gets the products (chocolate etc) for at least 10 000 SEK. All sponsors will be presented on Pralinslagets webpage during the autumn.
  • Please note that any prize tax is paid by the winner.
  • All the competitors and chocolate lovers can visit the competition on Saturday 15th of October at Kiviks Musteri in Österlen, Sweden. All the competing bonbons will be displayed and there will be different chocolate brands selling their chocolate. There will also be chocolate and apple/cider degustation.

We have improved the points system and there will not be any points visible during the competition. Just before the final (approximately at 14 o’clock) the points will be visible. There will not be any placements, but you can figure out your placement, except for the 10 finalists. Final 10 bonbons will be reset to zero and all the jury members will taste them again and give the points again. The bonbon with highest points will win.

Every subcategory can get 0-5 points, so the total points will be 105 (from one jury member, except the TOP 10). This system gives you the exact knowledge in what aspects you are good at and what you need to improve.

1. APPEARANCE (shine, colors, coloring technique)
2. THE SHELL/BOTTOM (shell, bottom, connection between the shell and bottom)
3. TASTE (taste experience, clarity of flavors, composition of different tastes, balance between different fillings, choice of chocolate together with taste/fillings (taste, not brand), extra points for exceptional taste)
4. TECHNIQUE INSIDE THE BONBON (different fillings, emulsion/recipe balance, emulsification/recipe balance of the ganache, texture of fillings)
5. CREATIVITY (match between the taste and looks, creativity/innovative thinking)
6. THE WHOLE EXPERIENCE (the whole experience- quality, defects-injuries, choice of ingredients (purity, own raw materials (f ex you have picked your blueberries yourself))

0 points – not good
1 points – OK
2 points – quite good
3 points – good
4 points – really good
5 points – Perfect